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The Rogue, Joe McGinniss’ much-discussed gossipy book about Sarah Palin, hits stores tomorrow. But why wait an entire day to learn the most salacious news about Sarah and Todd Palin—and butts? We’ve got it for you now.

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After her defeat as a Vice Presidential candidate and her resignation as Alaska’s governor, she retains a red-hot following stoked by her bestselling book Going Rogue: An American Life and the TV series Sarah Palin’s Alaska . She assiduously avoids tak­ing questions from reporters, preferring to communicate with her fans via Facebook and Twitter. Filmmaker Nick Broomfield has never been fazed by uncooperative subjects, con­ducting his pursuits like a vigilante armed with a boom pole, frequently backed by his collaborator Joan Churchill behind the cam­era. His past documentary targets include Margaret Thatcher, Courtney Love and Heidi Fleiss. When headline makers block his access, he brings them down to a human scale by exploring their milieu.

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Thug vs Thug

Greta Van Sustern lost control of the narrative tonight on her Fox show, as Karl Rove got in shot after shot to Greta’s BFF Sarah Palin (Greta’s husband is the unofficial man behind SarahPAC). Rove served an ace with his numerous references to Sarah Palin’s thin skin. Thin skin does not a Presidential candidate make.

Watch courtesy of Mediate and notice how Rove just keeps serving up his ace, because he knows it’s unreturnable.

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The Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa Republicans should be a signal to Sarah Palin that if she gets into the race for the GOP presidential nomination it would be a fool’s errand. Her support among the broader American electorate has always been upside down. But support for her among the people who hoisted her to political superstardom is falling rapidly.

As David Weigel notes in Slate, in the June PPP poll, Palin came in second (15 percent) to Mitt Romney (21 percent). Today, the best-selling author and reality television star who quit halfway through her first term as  governor of Alaska after being the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee comes in fifth.

Rick Perry - 21% (+21)
Mitt Romney - 18% (-3)
Michele Bachmann - 15% (+4)
Ron Paul - 12% (+4)
Sarah Palin - 10% (-5)
Newt Gingrich - 7% (-5)
Herman Cain - 6% (-9)
Rick Santorum - 5% (+5)
John Huntsman - 3% (+3)

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